August 27th, 2005


Do you know the way to san jose...

3:51 p.m.

I almost didn't. Know the way to San Jose. I had the directions to my motel in my hot big fist and I was careful about following it, but I still lost a connection. I was supposed to take a street next to the airport but somehow I got off the street and well into the airport mess itself. I went around it twice, finally found a place to pull over and look at maps, and finally worked my way back to where I needed to be.

In my defense, that airport changes every week. One road closes, another opens, a third gets curved off somewhere it didn't go before. And the signs are not all in place enough ahead of time to help a person like me find what I am looking for.

But all that's water under the bridge. I am in my motel room now. The so-called internet access is a dataport. More than these types of motels used to offer but not what I wanted. Still, I can get online through my cell phone, so that will be fine. I don't want to do that this minute because I'm expecting a call from my sister.

3:20 am Sat

I finally got online through my cell phone. It hasn't been cooperative. Irritating.

I had dinner with Mary and Susan and spent the rest of the night in my motel, munching snacks...Michelle didn't come by, or if she did it was later than ten, when I turned off my phone (I forgot to bring the charger).

This morning I may hunt for a place where I can get online for free, wirelessly, or just hang out, have breakfast. Later I'll go to Mary's and Susan's to pick up the computer of Mike's and give Mary the receipts she needs for her claim.

(no subject)

I'm thinking of taking in a play on my way home tonight. The play is Cannery Row, the place is Salinas. That would mean I'd get back on the road at about ten...Get home quite late. So either stay in a motel or tough it out, depending on how awake I am. I don't especially like driving at night because my night vision isn't great, but I do like it in other ways.

It seems foolish to do this, yet it's an opportunity to see a play in another community, a local play developed from the book, and it could be a good experience.

On my way up I stopped in King City for lunch. Usually I just pull into a shopping center near the highway but this time I decided to find the downtown. I did, and I ate at a pizza place. It's rather a typical older downtown, trying to scrape by. I found myself thinking about what I would do if I found myself stuck in King City. It's interesting to me to explore other places in this way. I would have looked for what is of interest. One thing that is, for sure, is the number or tortillerias there. I was tempted to stop in and buy a dozen fresh tortillas but I managed to restrain myself. I also looked at the downtown from the perspective of the visiting planner. What needs to be done to make this downtown more vital? It's a tough question and I don't think street furniture is the answer.

Wasting time

10:49 am Sat

At least when I am home I am choosing to waste my time. On this trip it has been mainly Michelle who has caused the waste. She called this morning to say she couldn't get a truck last night because they were all out. I waited for her in the motel until ten. I could have gone somewhere instead. So this morning I agreed to meet her at the motel "soon". I was having a breakfast bagel at a nearby cafe at about 9:30. It is now almost eleven and I have been waiting. And playing sims, of course. Whatever I can do.

The way this has shaken out I could have just driven here this morning, met with Joe, and gone home. But I did have dinner last night with Mary and Susan, so that was nice.

Oh yeah, not online again. Can't get the cell phone recognized. I know I need to go to the cell phone store and find out what to do but it's such a pain.