August 24th, 2005


baby steps

What About Bob? was not my favorite movie, but it did have some good lines, including the title. One that I tend to use often is "baby steps, baby steps".

I am gathering info so I can find out exactly where I am. Financially. It isn't fun and I can't seem to do it all at once but each step makes me feel a wee bit better. It's that "devil you know" thing.

Today I picked up my 2004 taxes. I had to pay the accountant an insane amount. "Highway robbery," says Mary, and I rather agree, but I can't prove they didn't spend that much time on it. Still, the work is done and I need to have someone else do it. I procrastinate too much. And my taxes are headed in the right direction. Or I should say that my efforts at adjusting withdrawals seems to have worked, for the most part. I owe one state - Michigan - that's where the family partnership is located - but I get refunds from the other two states and the feds. Of course the feds will take it all for back taxes and will want more besides, but it's a good sign.

Next year I'll find another accountant.

I have also listed all of my credit cards and the current balances - except I don't yet have one of them. I need to hunt that one down online. The next step will be listing other debts. Then I can see more clearly what is what.

Time for a sim break.