August 10th, 2005


Freecycle squabbles

I noticed that much of my mail from the local freecycle group today is on the topic of "wanted" posts. Some people feel that others are posting too many requests and not enough offers. There is a bit of a discussion going on, which seems to be getting close to a resolution because the main freecycle web site says not to discourage the wanted posts.

At the same time, I happened to look into my daughter's email box today and saw that the local freecycle group in Las Vegas is having cows about people who post "come and get it" items. These are things like refrigerators out on the street, in front of the freecyclers house or a neighbors, or it can be leftovers from a yard sale. Las Vegas freecyclers are complaining that when they take the time to go to these places they are often greeted with nothing. They wasted time and gas for nothing.

It seemed funny to me that both groups were having different kinds of spats today, when usually all we get are lots of emails offering or asking for stuff. In general it's a pretty tame group and we all love doing this, but sometimes people take a kind of advantage that doesn't seem fair. Like the ones who show up in very nice cars to take very nice items that one suspects are going on ebay.

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