August 2nd, 2005


Bullet is okay...maybe

The vet called. She said the good news is that the lab didn't find any cancer cells. The bad news is that they do not know what they were looking at. They made some educated guesses but there is no way to confirm without extensive work by experts in Davis or LA or the Bay area. What Bullet has could be a benign bone growth thing, a case where soft tissue turns into bone, or it could be something else that even the vet didn't fully understand. And these vets are very good, the ones I use. Possibly the most advanced in this area. She said there may be some risk to waiting to see if it comes back, but it may be worthwhile waiting - the cost in investigation is high and there is the travel involved. And this could be entirely benign.

So I chose that route. We'll wait. I will check Bullet's head to see if I feel anything again, and they will check when they remove the stitches, and we'll take it from there.

Bullet seems fine. I don't detect anything bizarre in his behavior that wasn't already there.