July 27th, 2005


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I think this will be the worst day for the sunburn. Just about all of the skin has peeled off my face and it was horrorsville to look at. I tried to cover it up with makeup and tinted moisturizer but that only goes so far. I am sure tomorrow will be a new day and a new face! I think I know what a chemical peel must be like.

My poor kitty Bullet has some sort of little growth on his head. It isn't like the one that killed Toonces but the vet was not able to determine what it is today. I scheduled him for a biopsy Friday. We'll know four days after that, approximately. I'm hoping for the best but have seen the worst so I'm prepared to do what is necessary, as hard as that will be. Spending money is nothing compared to having to give up, and I hope therefore that I get to spend more money and keep my kitty a little longer.