June 21st, 2005



Yesterday I had estate things to do after work, so I ended up going to El Chorro Regional Park at about five o'clock. I took the hike I usually do there, except that I didn't do the extra jaunt up to Eagle Rock. I heard voices periodically and kept expecting to see someone on the trail but I think the voices came from the golf course nearby. The way sound travels up makes for odd things at times.

I saw a flock of wild turkeys, took some unsuccessful pictures, then found them again later. I got a little bit of video that time because I love the sound they make. They were having a conversation or perhaps an argument with a crow flying overhead.

Later, though, was the prize. I saw this lovely beast:

I thought it was a mountain lion but it seemed too small. Later I looked up big cats and confirmed Paul's determination that it was a lynx, otherwise known as a bobcat. I thought initially that it wasn't a bobcat because it's ears didn't look right. But there are many versions.

I have to admit I was a little nervous. I did not know the proper behavior and the cat came right toward me. I stayed still, taking pictures when I could, and eventually he or she turned and went calmly up the hill. During this time I managed to mess up the settings on my camera accidentally and lost what might have been some good shots.

Later, of course, I looked up the behavior business too, in case I am fool enough to venture out at dusk again. What a great time to see animals! I also saw a hawk or maybe it was an owl. The hills are alive, all right, but with a different kind of music.

They finally got me

I have been suffering symptoms of a cold for many many weeks now. No fever but a lot of mucous and coughing and occasional sneezing. Last night I had trouble sleeping because I was coughing so much. So after getting up at 4:30 a.m. I decided to go to a doctor.

I decided on a place I hadn't gone before, because I'd heard good things about it. It's a clinic, an urgent care center. There is hardly anything urgent about fixing what's wrong with me, of course, but the term is used loosely, is my guess.

Allergies. At the age of 59 I finally succumbed. Damn it. Now I have a prescription for an inhaler and samples of a nasal spray and zyrtec (to take at night). I go back in a week to see how things are going. The guy said he wouldn't say it's asthma - yet.

I am taking these things. I want to feel better. But I am on the lookout for other ways to approach this. My suspicion is that these drugs, like so many others, may eventually make me more dependent on them than I would be if I never started on them. I have absolutely no evidence of this. I am only going by gut feeling and a sense of what works for humans, and knowledge about other drugs. When I see the population becoming increasingly sensitive to the environment it makes me ask why? And what can we do about it besides taking drugs? So this is one of those rare times when I am receptive to suggestions!

Oh, and the clinic was terrific! I was a walk-in, yet I was out of there in little over an hour. Not a bad record for places like this. It cost, of course, but I think it was worth it because I feel I was well-treated and analysed.