June 17th, 2005



Now that my cell phone is my main phone I am getting more calls on it. And I do not like it. I am not sure how to address this.

I haven't gotten calls from charities yet, or from telephone salespeople. These are legit calls I am getting. I think what's disturbing for me is that they usually reach me right away! I answered two calls while I was hiking yesterday afternoon, and neither was from a friend. They were related to my brother's estate. I had the phone with me in case of an emergency and I did not recognize the numbers when they called.

I think I just have to let them leave messages. Simply put, I hate phones. Whatever kind. I do find that I enjoy talking to my daughters while I am doing something else, and this is easier with a cell phone than a land line. Other than that, though, no. Hate phones. Just hate 'em.