April 28th, 2005



I've been waking with headaches for several days now. They go away after I take some tylenol migraine, but it's a bad way to wake up. I suspect there are a couple of contributors. I am not getting enough exercise, not drinking enough water, and am facing too many stresses. Way too many right now.

Taking a load off

I hired a lawyer today, to take care of probate. What a relief. I now get to gather all the papers and fax them to him. Good thing I just bought a fax machine.

(no subject)

Virtue is as virtue does...

I spent time gathering together items to fax to the attorney, and listing creditors, and sending emails to get more information. I then spent time developing a registration page for the foundation events we will be handling. Neither of these is actually done but they are both well along. My back hurts and I am tired ot looking at the stuff. Not fresh.

The difficulty as I see it is that I go to work first so I can get it out of the way but the morning is my best and brightest time...