April 17th, 2005


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I expect I'll go home tonight, after the activities. The drive isn't that long. If I feel too tired I can stop at a motel along the way. I figure I'll be taking tomorrow off anyway.

We'll be having some sort of reception after the service, at Mike's house. So I'll get a chance then, I think, to meet more of Mike's friends.

It can never be simple

I am staying with Karol at the home of friends of her son Steven's. Steve usually stays in this little second unit in the back when he's in town. So it was nice of them to offer it to us. But things went badly today.

I met Stuart first. He was in the garage with an animal cage. karol asked about the babies, and he dug around in the cage to extract one baby squirrel and feed it. Lovely little squirrel. He had rescued the two when they fell out of a nest or out of the tree or something...he said he actually probably had shot their mother so he felt he owed it to the little ones to bring them up. So although I didn't think highly of the mother-shooting I thought the man had his heart in the right place.

Later we had dinner with Stuart and Terry. Stuart kept talking about planning, because that's my job, and about how it was inevitable that the whole of California was going to get developed and so on and how was I planning for the longer commutes? I was so not interested in talking about planning with someone who already has his mind up and doesn't hear what I'm saying. I hate talking about planning with anyone, actually, most of the time.

There were several biting jibes between Terry and Stuart during dinner. Terry is trying to lose weight and Stuart kept tossing little jibes at her. For her part, she was a little distant and almost pissy, a manner that I found strange and distant and over-accomodating. She pressed me about having an artichoke and when I said I really was fine, didn't need her to cook an artichoke, she said she wouldn't get to eating it anyway because she is going on a trip Wednesday, so I said fine, I'd be happy to eat it if she cooks it, I love artichokes. She cooked it, cut it in half, to share between Stuart and me, and Stuart was quick to point out that it wasn't done. I said it was a little under but it was fine. There was an altercation there between the two.

By the end of dinner the subject had somehow shifted to the apartments next door. Low-income, apparently. And Stuart was railing against them, against the tenants. Saying they all drive new cars, they sit around all day... I said how do you know what their income is, what their story is, and he said things like "I see them at the supermarket", which to me didn't mean anything. I was trying to get at whether they are all on welfare or whether they actually own the cars or what. But the conversation quickly deteriorated with Stuart getting up and yelling and me leaving the room, the house, and retreating to the little unit in back.

I don't really want to stay here tomorrow night. It was just too weird and I feel uncomfortable. I think I'll pack everything tomorrow and then I can decide to leave after the service and the "reception" tomorrow, perhaps. Or stay in a motel.