March 24th, 2005


Final week

It's the last week of my novel challenge. The book, No Plot? No Problem!, suggests - more than suggests - buying two bottles of champagne and putting them on ice. I am going to do that later today. I think it will be a great incentive, just looking in the fridge and seeing them there.


It's good that I reached 42,000 words before I went to a play tonight, with Dwain. It was in Santa Maria, about 35 miles from here, and it started at eight, and it lasted until 10:40. Three actors, millions of words, and I really liked it. But I'm tired. The play was Copenhagen, a play that speculates on a conversation between Niels Bohr and his protege Werner Heisenberg that takes place in Copenhagen during WWII - while Denmark was under German occupation and Heisenberg was working in Germany. Terrific writing, amazingly fascinating story that is intimately involved with physics, and really good acting. I am really glad I went.And I am glad I got the words in ahead of time!