March 1st, 2005


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I did start my novel today, and I did use that second starting sentence. So far it is about someone very unlike me, which I am finding refreshing. I intend to bring my computer to various coffee places and other welcoming locations away from home, because I think I stand a better chance of getting this written if I am not distracted by little projects around the house. Also, I may get inspired by what I see out there!

(no subject)

2:18 p.m.

Written off-line at Starbucks. I can get online if I want but don't right now.

I have decided that I can't leave until I have added 1,000 words to my novel.


612 words, up from the 401 done this morning.

I can't get online. I left my phone car?


sims break...


time to get back to the novel. I got strangely mean in the sims. I went to Don Lothario's place and had him have a party. He invited four of his lovers...hehehehe. Lots of fireworks. I think he has destroyed all of those relationships, at least for a while. I didn't want Cassandra marrying him anyway.


1446 words. My goal for the day is 2,000.

I have no idea where this story is going.