February 25th, 2005


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While we waited for a subway train one afternoon, a fairly long wait, Mary got it in her head that she needed to take a picture of a subway rat. She stepped forward on the platform to scan for the little guys, and was soon enough rewarded. Out came the camera phone, because she had forgotten her digital camera at home. It is dark within those rails, not a lot of contrast, so she tried a few more times, catching one and then the other before they slipped into some dark passage. I got into the spirit of it and took a shot with my high-resolution digital camera. Hoping I could crop it and get something decent.

I didn’t get a good pic out of it. I did notice that these were relatively small rats compared to some I’ve seen. Maybe even babies by subway standards.

I didn’t see any seasoned New Yorkers sighing or rolling their eyes. I thought subway rat finding might well be a tourist activity in New York, but perhaps not.

Stupid web tricks

I went into the web hosting manager to upgrade my judithlautner.net account, give it more room. I inadvertently downgraded the bandwidth, unfortunately, and now I get the message that my bandwidth is exceeded. Unfortunately, I can no longer get into the web host manager because my bandwidth is exceeded...

So I went to my host's site to enter a helpdesk ticket and I couldn't get into the helpdesk area. Arrrgh.

Most of the time my hosting issues are  minimal. But when I screw a thing up I do it well.