February 13th, 2005


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Yesterday's treks were to the Metropolitan Museum and of course views of Central Park. Last night we saw an off-Broadway show.

Both Mary and Elaine want to spend more time just shopping and looking around. We have been in too much of a rush, gone too many times the wrong way. I feel a lot of tension just from being with a gang.

We went to the roof garden of the Met to see the Christo installation. A great way to view it, but I would have loved to get into the park itself. That didn't happen. Mary and Elaine took off for the tkts place in Times Square and stood in line a long time to get tickets. We got to see Shockheaded Peter, a strange, funny, and very good dark musical. I'd put it in the category of Rocky HOrror Picture Show, just because of the weirdness factor. The music reminded me (and Elaine) of Nick Cave & the Bad Seed's Murder Ballads. Hilarious. Sold out, too, very popular it seems. And what a nice theatre. I much prefer smaller theaters - and this one, the "Little Schubert", qualifies as "little" compared to Broadway theaters, but would be large in my home town.

Today we have a harbor cruise booked. I have tried to call to ask questions and nobody answers their phone. I have the booking made but want to ask more about pickup points and times.