February 4th, 2005


(no subject)

I am not playing with my sims right now. I did break them out this morning and then for a bit right after work. But I didn't spend much time with any of them. I think I am getting too bound up with their lives. No, actually, I think the problem is that I created my real family - looks and all - and I want them to succeed. And I hate it when they get like Mary has, being a criminal and being so greedy! And drinking yet! I keep expanding her house and adding more expensive things and now it's a huge mess! I can't make sense of it. Yet if I were to bulldoze her and put her into a new little house I bet she'd scream bloody murder.

Unlike my Judith. She complains sometimes about her dull couch and she occasionally wants a television (she doesn't have one!) but for the most part she lives her life and has fun with Abhijeet and Cora, plays the occasional game of chess, and paints and paints. I decided there was no point in keeping her in her athletic career, as she maxed out as team mascot, so I signed her onto the political career. She's now doing some cavassing, as I recall. Campaign worker. I figure she'll do better in that line. Anyway, her house remains at the same size and I am trying to refrain from making many improvements. I did get her a bigger bed just in case she needs it. Oh, one thing. When she first moved in I got her the expensive computer. At one point it broke, and she repaired it! This is eerily like her namesake.

It seems better for me to play with the sims I created just for the hell of it or those that came with the game. I have less of a connection or hope for them. Even so, I do want them to make progress, particularly in skills.

It's funny how I do all this thinking about them.