January 26th, 2005


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Last night I created a "Mary" in Sims, and moved her into a house I created. I wondered how a sim would manage in a house without internal walls. So I created a small space with everything showing. I was particularly interested in the bathroom, of course.

Soon after she moved in, Mary turned on the stereo and started dancing. Then she went out to greet the people from the neighborhood who had come to welcome her. When one of them went inside (the rest were outside) and used the toilet, there was no problem. he didn't object to the toilet being exposed. But when Mary went to use it later, while others were in the house, she yelled at me. I put up a wall to block views from the others in the house, but no wall on the side. She still couldn't handle it. So I finally enclosed the whole bathroom and put a door on and she was fine with that. So now her house has two rooms, essentially. She had no problem going to sleep on her bed, exposed to the rest of the house.

Before she went to bed, she started a tv dinner, then forgot about it, went to bed. It started burning, but fortunately I had installed a smoke alarm. The fire dept responded quickly, told her to be more careful, and no harm was done. But she got weepy. The "therapist" showed up to help her. Then she went back to bed.

What a night!