January 17th, 2005


Catching up...

January 15, 8:18 a.m.

LiveJournal is suffering a major power outage now, and I am feeling a little lost without it. But because my main use for the journal is personal, is an outlet for my thoughts, I can resort to putting my thoughts in a text document and wait until I can add it to the rest.  I can catch up with my amazing friends when we are back again.

I have to feel for the LJ techies. This has to be a major horror for them.

Last night I spent time with three different Sims families. I find that I can't create a family with just one teen. Has to have an adult. So this is different from real life... I did create some pretty women, a mother and her teen daughter. The daughter has a cool haircut and cool glasses and quite a facial structure. I can see how one could create a really ugly Sim but I couldn't do it. A refreshing thing about the game, though, is that looks really don't matter there! I could create the worst looking person and that person would still be able to do woo hoo with other Sims.

I suspect, from what I've seen, that babies happen often in this Simsland. I am not sure how I would avoid it, if there is birth control available. I think I should look around for that. And what about abortions?? Ya think maybe this is a pro-life game??

I never see my LJ friends in real life, except for my sister. So they seem surreal, suspended when I don't see their comments online. Like the Sims. When something terrible happened to one of them it was a real jolt.

9:50 a.m.

I am showered and mostly dressed. There is laundry going in the washer. There is more laundry in the back of my car. How great! I can get into my car! I have not heard from the adjustor about repairing the damage to the bumper, but I did get the reimbursement he promised. I'll be depositing that today, if I can, with my new debit card.

My cell phone is almost dead and I don't have its charger. Bitty sent it to me by Federal Express but it hasn't arrived yet. I am going to go to Best Buy to get another. I think the smart thing is to have a travel charger and a home charger. I have twice left these things behind. Maybe I need some sort of signal, too, that tells me when it's being left behind...

No word yet today on Mike. My regular phone works, so if someone needs to make an urgent call they can get through.

I look forward to clearing out the car, going to the car wash (if it is open), doing some cleaning around the house. I offered to help Elsa with her new house, cleaning and repairing, and she said I could help her paint Monday night. I'd rather help at the front end, cleaning and so on, so if she calls I'll say that.

2:28 p.m.

I have the cell phone charger now, so that line of communication is open.

Karol called to say that Mike even opened his eyes briefly today and smiled at her! He didn't respond in any other way before slipping back, but this is a hopeful sign.

Sunday, 1:03 p.m.

My internet connection has become iffy. It works, then it doesn't. I spent over an hour with Charter help this morning and  we did not accomplish much. Went through all of the steps I usually take, and a couple new ones. At this point I am suspecting the router. Why would it go bad, I wonder? It isn't all that old, maybe 18 months. If I had another router to try out I might be able to determine if this is the problem. I can't connect to the cable modem directly because my ethernet card does not have the right driver and I have been unable to find the right one, even with the help of the charter guy.

It makes me a bit nuts, all this.

2:03 p.m.

I am at a coffee place that offers free wireless but I can't get online here either. Whatever we did this morning has made my wireless modem not work. How nice. I don't look forward to spending another hour or so with Dell, but it looks like that is the next step. I will list the problems I have been seeing and see if we can fix them one at a time.

On the plus side, I have my new Debit card and PIN. So I can put money in and take money out. Too bad there isn't much money  to be playing with right now.

Right now I think I should be thinking about how to make myself useful without being online. Places to go, people to meet? No, no people to meet. Places to go? There are always places to go. I could go up the coast to look at the baby seals. It's a thought. 

(no subject)

Mike is doing better, from all accounts - the gang meets with the doc again today, though, to get official word on his condition.

Financially things are looking in better shape also.

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I have gotten more interested in creating new Sims and building houses. Last night I created a Sim that sort of looks like me, within my limits of creation, and then I built her a house. The first thing she did when she got into the house was to go to the hot computer on the table and start playing a video game! I think I may have hit the mark this time. Later, I modified a little of the house and built a little patio outside with an outdoor chess table. Judith went out to practice and called a new friend to join her. Not bad!



I created an older woman and then a younger one, who live in different houses. But I want them to be related, mother and daughter. I don't see any way to do this at this point. Do I have to start out with them in the same family and then get the younger one to move out?