January 5th, 2005


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Insurance story.

The adjustor called this afternoon, as I was driving to the insurance agent's office. The adjustor said they'd finally figured out that it would be best to have my car repaired at a body shop. There is some damage to the bumper as well as the frame, and body shop people can refer mechanical repairs to the appropriate shop. He said they can make sure everything is done so that it does not void the warranty. He estimated at least a week to get it done. When I said I was already out the money for a rental car and didn't want to be spending more on that, he said he'd see what body shop could get it done soonest and meet their standards and mine. He called around, then called me and we agreed to have it towed to Villa Automotive, and they will get right on it, might have it done in three days.

I talked to the insurance agent and got no satisfaction. They said they were sorry I didn't have rental car insurance. I didn't have the stuff in me at the time to ask why it had taken so long to get to this point. I did say I had called them immediately and the car has been waiting for over a week. No offers of anything. I pretty nearly slammed the door on the way out. I didn't get a good feeling from there. That makes it easier to drop them. As soon as I get my car back they are history. In the meantime I will be composing my letter to the company. Not that it will do any good. But it will do the good I need. Get it off my chest.

The mysterious Rossini

I got a package the other day with a recording of Rossini's "Solemn Little Mass" and "Stabat Mater" in it. There was no note, no message. I do not know who sent it. I thought it was my sister but she says no. Who else would know I would like it and would not already have it? My daughter Mary says she didnt' order it either. I did not have it on my wish list.