November 21st, 2004


A day on highway 1

Karen and I are heading out soon for highway one. We will probably stop at Point Lobos, perhaps do a hike, then head to Carmel, look at antiques, then off to San Juan Bautista, to see the mission. Even though the bell tower never existed, I have wanted to see this building from Vertigo for years. I wonder about the steps - are there steps? It looks like a cool town, anyway, very old.

Yesterday we started on her living room floor - pasting torn paper bags on it! Overlapping. With wallpaper paste. When it's done she will coat it with polyurethane, probably lots of coats. I think it will look very cool. So far it looks like this:


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Back from our adventures. Karen dropped me off between 7:30 and 8:00. I ate, watched some television, then uploaded the pix I took and created some panoramas. Perhaps some of these will show up here. We had a terrific time. It was a beautiful day.

We both saw San Juan Bautista for the first time and thought the mission was in fine shape and the town is quite old and attractive. It would be a good place to visit, just to go looking at antiques and doing the walking tour, things like that. There is a cemetary behind the mission, with old wooden crosses. I wonder how old they are.

We also spent a little time in the Carmel business district, the rather chi chi downtown. Looked in antique stores, a toy store, a bead store, and had some coffee in a patio. That was fun also.