November 1st, 2004


self-healing computer??

When my laptop system crashed a few months back, I brought it back. But it wasn't the same. It stuttered when playing This American Life. The cursor jumped all over the place. I tried to find settings to fix these things but nothing worked. But then they started to fix themselves. The cursor was first. Out of the blue it just settled down and started acting normally. I am now noticing that the recordings of This American Life are playing back well. Could it be that XP has reached a point where it emulates a human to the extent that it can repair itself sometimes? ?? Is this some secret government program?


I just read a post in a community here that included a picture of an old man holding a dead Iraqi child. The poster didn't put the pic behind an lj-cut because he or she wanted it out in the open. Several people said "please put it behind a cut." "Children see these pages". "Some people don't want that to be the first thing they see..."

Why?? Why can't children learn about death? Especially death caused by us?? Why are some people just too damned sensitive to face reality?

I have heard this from people who don't want to know about factory farming or laboratory animals. "Too sensitive". Can't look at it. It's easier for them to pretend it isn't happening. Friends of mine have even said they "prefer to think the cows died of old age". If they have to look at it then they have to think about it. Well, damn it, people should think about it. And go beyond that. Do something.

Obviously I'm touchy tonight. Hell, I'm touchy a LOT.
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