October 29th, 2004


Three days of Halloween

I think Halloween is my favorite day. Usually, anyway. I love seeing adults going about their business in costume.

Today we are celebrating it at work with a potluck. A large part of the upper floor went with the "doctor" theme and created name tags and a large sign (Mercy Me Hospital; how may we hurt you?) and each person went with a sub-theme. So we have Dr. Lipe-oh-suction, Dr. Enema, and others, and they have tubes and other instruments that suit the titles.

I was unable to pull off the costume I'd planned and even thought of arriving without one, but at the last minute decided I'd be a priest. It fits into the hospital theme. I'm the resident priest there because they bury their mistakes.

I haven't seen the downstairs folks yet but will at the potluck. That's where it can get hysterical.

Later today, at two, there is a groundbreaking and I've been asked to take pix. So this will be one of those days that is actually a lot of fun.