October 13th, 2004


(no subject)

Lordy. I woke up at five to seven. And my car was behind Paul's in the driveway. He waited a bit too long to see me emerge from the bedroom, then, with my blessing, drove my car out so he could get to his. I've never slept so late before. I woke several times in the night, of course, and the last time I looked at the clock it was about 4:30. I wanted to rest a bit more before getting up. I certainly did that.

Last night's Planning Commission meeting was somewhat irritating, mainly because some members of the council showed up and grand-standed. I am realizing now that one of the differences between our planning commission and our council is that the PC is far more civil, committed to being civil, and I think that's why they get more done. Part of why, anyway. The other part being they read the packets ahead of time.