October 11th, 2004


back again

We left Las Vegas at nine this morning, Paul and I, after Mary and I saw Joey leave for school on the bus and after Mary headed for work. I felt that although the time was short we did a lot, had some good times, it was a good trip.

We arrived home at about 4:30 this afternoon. I am very tired but have a rehearsal tonight. I'll get through it and maybe even get energized by it. And maybe it will make me so very tired that I sleep like a rock tonight.

Last night Elaine came over to Mary's and we all had pizza and talked. It was cool. Mary spouted about her work, about individual characters, in her inimitable style. It was a very bad day for her. Elaine joined in from her limited waitressing experience, and Paul heard it and agreed that not much has changed in many years, when it comes to managing. I hope that Paul caught Mary's sense of humor and passion.

I spent yesterday mainly with Joey and although we didn't do a lot together I felt we were comfortable and it was good. I'm delighted at how well Joey is doing in school and how he has figured out this "following directions" business. I showed him a way to do some adding that goes beyond his ten fingers and he caught on quickly. After dinner, Mary and I put in time on her math and made good progress.

All this and time in at the dem headquarters, too. Good effort, as they say.