October 4th, 2004


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Slow start. I took tylenol pm last night again, woke several times but then went solidly asleep and woke at 6:30, much later than usual. I think I'll stop with the pm now, of course. I don't want to make it a habit. I wonder, too, when you sleep drugged is the sleep as valuable? I know it isn't when you have been drinking, that you don't reach the deep sleep stage  - even though to others it may look like you are dead or comatose.

The real debate begins here

from the Boston Globe:

Having it all in America
By Derrick Z. Jackson, Globe Columnist | September 29, 2004

DURING A football commercial break, my TV turned into a kaleidoscope for a crazily spinning Hummer. During another timeout, a Cadillac spun around a dance floor, bullying several foreign luxury cars off to the side.

No other metaphors are necessary to understand the United States on the eve of the presidential debates.

About 1,050 US soldiers are dead in Iraq. Up to 15,000 Iraqi civilians are dead. None of that has persuaded us Americans to put down the kaleidoscope and stop spinning in our own orbits. No amount of mass sacrifice abroad has resulted in mass sacrifice at home. No amount of failure in the original mission of finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has made us question the fantasy of bullying the world. Our toys really are us. We're big, we're bad, and you Euro girlie-cars, we're cutting in.
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