October 2nd, 2004



I took two tylenol pm tablets last night. The generic version, actually. And I did sleep well, woke at about 6:30 as I now recall. I slept so well I honestly didn't know what day it was. I kept rummaging in my brain, trying to remember what I had done yesterday. I was sure it was Sunday today but couldn't remember doing anything all day Saturday. Then I started to put the pieces together and realized it is Saturday. What a great discovery!

Of course I haven't done much to celebrate. I have sat with my coffee, munching trail mix and eating boca burgers and reading. I am almost done with my light reading: Blacklist by Sara Paretsky. Truly escape literature, but, funny, the background of the mystery is set right now and the assaults on our civil liberties are a big theme of the book. So I can't escape reading about this administration no matter what I do, it seems.


One thing I don't do well with is the lack of loyalty in male-female relationships, when they dissolve, that is. What I mean is that when the sexual part is no longer in the picture neither is anything else. I have never understood this. I wonder if I am stuck in a strange kind of childhood, destined to be ever confused.