September 18th, 2004


cat intelligence

I was sitting on the couch reading Senator Bob Graham's Intelligence Matters when Bullet jumped up and settled into my lap. Soon after, Stretch moved in. The two looked comfortably ready for the long haul when suddenly Stretch jumped up, flew to the kitchen counter, and looked out the window. Then he jumped down again and lazily wandered over to the food. His moves disturbed Bullet, who also left my lap.

So I ask myself, what intelligence was Stretch receiving from afar? What was telling him that there was something of interest through that window, something that required a look? Undoubtedly these two cats are operatives.

The ball

I got my exercise ball in the mail yesterday. That Collage Video really is fast. Against recommendations made right here, I decided to try to inflate it myself, with the little pump that came with. At first it seemed a hopeless task. I couldn't even get the pump hose to attach well to the inflation "needle". When I finally forced that thing into a good fit, I was able to start pumping. All went well for a while. The ball comes with a black measuring tape. When wrapped around the seam of the ball the two holes in the ends of the tape should overlap. Then it is the correct size. THe first time I checked it it was several inches too small. I started to see why it might be better to bring it to the gym. But I figured what the hell and continued pumping. I stopped long enough to run the vacuum over part of the house, a diversion that I trusted would renew me, and I guess it did, more or less.  I checked periodically and it didn't seem like the ball was getting much larger.

I took out my book and read while I pumped. Finally I decided to give it a go again. Lo and behold, I had actually overinflated it! I had to let some air out. So now it is done. Looks pretty good, nice and silver, a bit like "rover" on The Prisoner. I'm not up for using it just yet but perhaps soon. It came with a chart showing several exercises one can do with it, and of course I also bought a DVD, "On the ball". Came highly recommended. So perhaps in a little while I will slip into shorts and see what I can do.

Speaking of those shorts. Stretch investigated them earlier. They were fresh from the dryer but he still pawed at them and sniffed. Perhaps looking for trace evidence?


The instructions for the storage building show a picture of the "common tools" one needs to put it together. The picture includes a ride-on mower and a rake. I took a look at that part, wondering what the hell. Well, that's the leveling part. The ground needs to be leveled.

For some reason I thought this thing would have leveling adjusters under it so it could sit on a reasonably flat surface. I guess it doesn't. I couldn't find my level so had to go buy another, and I bought a hoe, too, so I could work on that ground. That ground that looked so level the other day but so very much isn't.

I just spent about fifteen minutes or so out there working it. It is better but nowhere near ready. I simply had not factored this into the deal. But I think I can do it. It will be my exercise for today. Unfortunately, I started work without gloves and soon developed a blister on my left thumb, which hurts. Poor me!!


(no subject)

I've reached a stopping point with the storage building. The floor pieces snap together, which is really cool. But snapping together the last two large parts takes two people. Or else I have to push it against a wall. Two people is better. So I'll enlist Paul's help tomorrow. He's gone somewhere today.