September 15th, 2004


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It's slow but I am making moves on the clutter. Today Paul will pick up the storage building I bought Saturday. I will put that together, probably tomorrow, and start inserting stuff that I want to keep but don't need every day. Tomorrow also is a pickup for the nonprofit thrift shop. I already have a little pile on my porch. I will be adding to that.

It always feels good to get rid of stuff. Sometimes it takes a while for me to see things as "junk", of course.

Hiking in Maino Open space

I did the Maino hike again today, starting at about 5:30. My left leg is continuing to show signs of another flareup and I developed quite the limp toward the end. It took longer than my usual 65 minutes, about 75 minutes in fact. Beautiful hike as always. Also like a freeway, a freeway full of bicyclists, runners, and dog-runners. Every time I have taken this trail at this time I have encountered quite a crowd. This time everyone seemed very friendly. Nice bicylists, including one I know (from master chorale), friendly dog-walkers and runners. I think I spoke to more people this time than I have before and all encounters were just...well, nice.

I tried another search for arthritic flareup, wondering if there is a way around the advice to lay off it when it gets this way. I couldn't find anything helpful but I gave up rather early on.