September 11th, 2004



I am embarking on a conscious study of graphic design. I have learned bits and pieces over the years but now I am trying to put them together, using design texts. Right now I am reading about type. I just finished a book on general design principles, and have gone through a "layout index" - a little sturdy book with lots of ideas in it. I have been frustrated by not knowing how to fix things that I have designed, so this should help. It already has, in fact, in small ways.

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I brought my packages and money for postage to the Dem headquarters this morning, to join the others. Most of the others looked larger than mine. I do think that as long as I am going to the trouble of putting one of these together, and because it may be the only box a soldier gets in many months, that I should aim for a larger one next time. I am considering sending one box per month, or more often if I feel financially able. This way I can gather items as I see them.

I made it to the farmers market here in SLO, too, a real treat. It's apple time and a couple of the stands featured organic locally-grown apples that are delicious - in taste, not variety. That is, I chose other varieties. I also found peppers and basil and cukes and tomatoes, a few other things. So yum.

Then I wandered around Barnes & Noble and happened upon a children's book called "It's hard being five" or something like that. I read through it, liked it a lot, bought it for the joe-boy. I have a batch of CDs of children's songs for him, too. Things to bring in October.

Smart hikes, silly hikers

I knew I was in trouble less than twenty minutes into today's hike. I was at Lopez Lake campground, and I had chosen the Cougar Trail for several reasons. It winds along the periphery of several camps - thus there would be water and bathrooms along the way, and people should I need them. The total elevation gain was 150 feet, didn't sound that awful, the total length 3.4 miles, manageable when there isn't a lot of climbing. I also had not done this one before, and new hikes are always the source of new delights. There were indeed delights: the usual but still wonderful wild turkeys, the quail, and the lovely little mule deer.
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