September 4th, 2004



I woke with a headache, finally took some drugs and got up. Perhaps it's related to the wine I drank last night, perhaps not.

cat mysteries

I wonder why it is that when I retire for the night, after I get into bed, Stretch will usually fly into the room and land on my bed, hitting the bed running, so to speak. Then he'll settle on top of or near me. What the big hurry is about I do not know.

But then I notice that many animals do things in a grand hurry. I like to watch the squirrels diving in and out of their holes and crossing streets frenetically. There do seem to be good reasons for their speed, of course.

Oh thanks, Prom...NOT

You're The Catcher in the Rye!

by J.D. Salinger

You are surrounded by phonies, and boy are you sick of them! In an
ongoing struggle to search for a land without phonies, you end up running away from
everything, from school to consequences. In this process, you reveal that many people
in your life have suffered torments and all you really want to do is catch them as
they fall. Perhaps using a baseball mitt. Your biggest fans are infamous

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Felsman Loop

I did a hike on the Felsman Loop today. Or at least most of it was the Felsman Loop. The trails around Bishop Peak cross each other in many places and it isn't always possible to be sure one is on the right trail. A beautiful beautiful hike, nonetheless, although it did take something out of me. It was pretty high on the huff-and-puff scale, at least at first, and it took me almost two hours total, so my left leg was beginning to show signs of wear and complaint by the time I was done. I feel okay now, a bit sweaty. Maybe I'll find my way into the tub.