September 1st, 2004



I woke with the ghost of one, many hours ago. I took some migraine killer, went back to sleep, woke with the headache still there. Took more stuff. maybe the coffee will help. It isn't the worst headache or I wouldn't even be writing.

Last night I did find parts of both 2002 and 2003 tax stuff, and if worse comes to worse I am sure I can get copies of what's missing. I also ploughed through a pile of papers and managed to throw out quite a lot. That alone is worth something and I need to do more of it. It's a good sitting-on-the-couch activity.

Nice people

Yesterday Carolyn came back from lunch and handed me a bunch of sunflowers. I asked what they were for and she said she saw them at a stand and thought, "Those are for Judy".

Today I got an email from one of our civil engineers, in response to a question I had sent to a consultant. The engineer said "I appreciate you more every day. Keep up the good work".

Neither of these things was necessary, both were very unexpected. I am not some saint or really special person who just naturally attracts gestures of goodwill, either. I just work with some good people.


I did the Irish Hills hike for the second time today. This time I learned that it can be a loop, so I did that.  Several cyclists and two runners passed me on my way. I didn't see any other slow people. Other than me, I mean.