August 25th, 2004


Thoughts on Kerry

I wasn't thrilled when my man Dean got cut out of the race. I wasn't fond of Kerry and I hated the way Dean was forced out by distortions. Now, however, two things:

I am glad Dean is no longer subject to the awful attacks, which would only have gotten worse. I hope he learns from this experience and pops up again, maybe as a member of Kerry's cabinet.

Kerry, from everything I have seen and read, is an honorable man. I don't see him backpedaling or apologizing for statements that need no apology. He seems straightforward. He has also done a lot behind the scenes, work that isn't normally obvious to those of us who only notice who sponsors a bill. His investigative work is especially notable and shows his character. I feel good about supporting him now.

Kathy Smith weight lifting

A bit of a busy day. I volunteered for the local dems, putting together packets for precinct walkers, for two hours after work. Between work and that time, I fit in a 20-minute Kathy Smith weight-lifting workout. One I used to do all the time. I am back at square one, with three- and five-pound weights, using the tens for just one exercise. I didn't do all of the tricep dips or the pushups. I no longer feel any need to push too hard, particularly initially. I will be able to record the changes as I go along, which is my primary motivation. I have felt myself slipping rather rapidly into serious weight gain and lack of exercise and of course is shows up in my moods and my ability to do anything at all.