August 23rd, 2004


(no subject)

Hildi got emptied today and went to the carwash, where it cost me six bucks and my labor to make her look half-decent. I didn't do as good a job as the professionals do and I am not at all sure that saving money this way makes a lot of sense. At least she's lighter and looks better and is ready to go to the shop on Wednesday morning.

Paul thought that the reason she isn't sold yet is inertia. Not so. I am having trouble letting go.

radio commercials

For a long time now I have been irritated at a particular type of commercial. Right now one of these commercials is by Schwab. Charles Schwab is introduced as the founder, and then he talks, and in his speech there is hesitation.He says something like "When we work with know we have to hold it with the greatest...of care...." His pauses are timed to sound like he's speaking off the cuff, just talking casually. This type of deceit is really irritating to me. I can imagine the studio producing the spot, telling the speaker, "now hesitate right here..."

apropos of nothing, really, except that I just heard that Schwab commercial.