August 19th, 2004


False alarm

My car was not towed. I just didn't see it! The cars near it were moved and there were other vehicles in the way and I mistakenly thought I looked in the space where it was. When I came home, after hunting around for the impound lot (and failing to find it where I thought it was), I saw the car on the street. I immediately got out of my car and into that one and drove it down the street a bit. I will continue to do this until I can get it to the body shop.

The fun stuff

The other day I suggested to our recreation person that we add pictures to the Rec web pages. She asked if we wanted to go to some of the classes going on now to get the pix, and I said sure, I'd be happy to take them.

So today we're going to the science camp to grab photos of a rocket going up and then a chemical taste test. Great photo opps!

This is the fun part of the job. Stuff like this, that normally I don't get to do.


So I made an appointment for Hildy, to get her windshield replaced and her front bumper somewhat repaired. Next Wednesday. That means I can use the weekend to empty her out and clean her up a bit, and then finish the cleaning after I get her back. Then she is for sale.

I want the money I get for her and I hope to find the right owner. At the same time I do have such affection for my baby.