August 7th, 2004


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Volunteer morning. I'll be registering and timing at a fun run on the beach in Pismo. I'll bring Karen along, as she enthusiastically volunteered. In between the madness, and I know there will be madness, I hope to get some good photos that I can use on the rec dept web site.

fun running

The volunteer event this morning was fun. I think part of the fun was knowing so many of the other volunteers, because I work with them and we've done this before. So we were able to joke with each other, work things out, keep things straight. It was great having karen there, too, not just because she was a great help but because it was good to have another friend there enjoying this. I got a few pix that I like, although the fog was in the entire time. One of the pix:

I know it's a big image...sorry...Others are at I think they'll bore most people but they do give an idea of the event. I didn't get pix of most of my fellow volunteers because I was so busy most of the time, unfortunately.