July 14th, 2004


(no subject)

Alone at last.

I am at the Costa Mesa Marriot. In a suite. It's a business suite - there is a glass conference table in one room, surrounded by six chairs, with magazines, something like a web tv keyboard, info on the many different ways one can go online here. Ethernet, USB, dialup, and the webtv thing. In the lobby it says there is wireless internet available but it doesn't appear to be available in this room. My laptop would have told me.

It's the fastest connection I've had since I started on this trip. It costs $10 a day and signing up is as near to instant as it could be, the total going on my hotel bill. A bonus is that it gives one a connection to the hotel information -what is available, where, what things look like (photos), plus the hotel bill. I looked at my bill and so far it was $0.

There is also a refrigerator, coffee maker, bar sink. No microwave.

I ate just about all of the leftover food I brought with me, so I see no need to go out for dinner. I'm in for the night, watching the sun go down from my eighth-floor window and balcony, walking around nude because I can, because there is nobody else around. How weird I have become.