July 7th, 2004


Palm Springs

I leave for PS today. I was unable to sleep through the night, so finally got up at about five. That isn't a good thing, really, but not the worst either. I have a trek ahead of me, that I expect will take about six hours. After that, we visit with Steve, have dinner, go to bed. Tomorrow is another day, a day I could even sleep in if I felt like it. This time tomorrow I should be either at the Elrod house or at the Beat hotel...or even the Lautner motel.

I remembered that another of the activities we thought about for this week was a webcam meeting, a family chat. I had forgotten about it until I looked at my old webcam and realized I had not set it up on my laptop. So I just finished doing that now. It is working fine. In the process I discovered that my computer does indeed have a built-in microphone. I looked for a reference to it in the computer materials but did not find it. but when I tested the sound it was working fine. That makes it even easier, of course, to record silly things.