July 5th, 2004



Another one that came on early in the night. I had no wine last night, but I did have cheese. Gotta stop this night eating.


I continue to make my way through the piles of papers. Mostly the problem is papers. I have a number of boxes in the backyard, waiting for the new storage shed, which means there is less stuff inside. I have also recycled a lot and thrown out a lot, and part of that pile includes things I will be giving to a thrift shop. The differences are discernible to me but I am not sure that they would be to many others. I think my daughter mary would say "good effort" but would be aware of what remains to be done and would want that to happen immediately. Instead, I sit and look. I look at what I have and think about what it means to me and therefore where it should go. It takes time.

I am impatient, too.

I also find that this decluttering, as satisfying as it is, is not a substitute for other types of activities. I feel the urge to continue on my audio projects, for example, or to create gifts from photographs and other things. The decluttering and rearranging should ultimately serve this purpose well, should make it easier for me to indulge in these activities, but right now I am still wanting to do them in spite of the mess. Well, okay, I'm going to start on my next project.