July 2nd, 2004


(no subject)

So now that I've finished my first audio project, I have thoughts about how I did, both with the editing and with the speaking. I think I could use more practice on both. So I have been looking around for things I might read. I looked at a section of Arctic Dreams, because I thought maybe a part of the chapter on polar bears would be good. The book is so beautifully written that I was entranced when I read it. But when I scanned it for a good section to read, it was all too long. I think that part of the reason I came away feeling so emotional about the polar bear is that the descriptions added up, one on the other, until the end, when the writer, the scientist, recognizes that these are truly private individuals, these bears, and what are we doing watching them in their most intimate moments? It hit me as it must have hit him and I wanted to express that feeling by reading his words. But it would not come across. I think you really do have to read it.

I looked at poetry by Leonard Cohen. Good stuff, but just about all of it is from the point of view of a man thinking about a woman. I don't see reading it convincingly, although others might.

Then I thought, why this type book? How about something from an entirely different shelf? And I picked up "how to Form a Nonprofit Corporation" and glanced through the section on choosing a name. Why not?