June 19th, 2004



In my hunt for suitable background music for my story, I found classical archives. This site has over 29,000 classical files, all available for listening. Downloading is a different story. For free, some are available, but not all. However, for $25 a year, one can download them all. I went for that one and have been downloading like a maniac. And listening as well. The recordings are mostly by "unknown" artists, which doesn't concern me in the least. I figure this is a way for these artists to become better known and maybe they even get a small cut if their pieces get downloaded often. I haven't checked the rules on that end yet, but have been thinking about it, thinking perhaps I could send a master chorale file or two and find out the deal.

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depressing. The story I am reading aloud is a bit of a downer, but I think I make it more so with my tone of voice and my music choices. I have been looking for more meditative music, not necessarily uplifting but not "sad" either. Perhaps by the time I reach chapter seven I will have worked this part out.