June 7th, 2004


headache and more

A headache threatened last night, and was there for real when I got up this morning. Worse, though, was the development of poison oak rashes on both of my hands. I don't know where they came from. They first started being troubling yesterday, then last night I had bouts when they were both so itchy I couldn't sleep. Twice I got up and used Zanfel to pull out some of the poison and quell the itching. The second time I added benadryl cream.

I didn't have any times like this with the larger patches on my arm and side. I was able to use Zanfel and it would be quiet for a long time, and gradually improved. I think some parts of our bodies tend to be more sensitive than others, more likely to feel really itchy, and between the fingers has to be one of those places.

I took Tylenol Migraine when I got up after this near-sleepless night and the headache is ebbing, thank heaven. It always feels so good when it's gone. Oliver Sacks, in his book on migraines (titled simply, Migraines), noted the extra-good feeling we get when one of these headaches is gone. It's more than better, it is better than better. I don't know that I am there yet but close. But I am really tired. It's going to be some day. Too bad I don't have sick leave. This is one day I'd take off.