May 31st, 2004


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More living and learning in the audio recording world. I wondered if the reason the recordings I made did not transfer to my PC might lie somewhere other than in the cable. So I looked up info online, on the Sony website, and discovered that I need an audio cable, that I can only transfer by way of an analog cable. Who knew? So I found a cable that looks right for it on the Sony site, $13, and found a few stores that stock Sony stuff. I'll go hunting today.

This is what happens. Every time I embark on a new adventure of this type I learn there are connections I do not have. It is almost always a matter of connections. Transferring video files to my computer, for example, led me to a thing called a "Dazzle" connector. And when I read about how to do these kinds of things this kind of information is glossed over or not there at all. Why why why I ask. When I write a book about how to do audio recordings I am leaving NOTHING out.


I went hiking in the Maino open space today. I brought the recorder with me and talked to it and kept it going to tape bird calls and the sound of my footsteps and the wind, of which there was a lot. I felt fine during the hike but feel quite tired now. I went home, took a shower, changed, went out to Kinko's. I used a design computer there to convert a file to pdf, then left and went to Best Buy. It was there that I discovered that I had left my credit card at Kinko's. So, clutching my new cable, my audio cable, stereo mini to stereo mini, I headed back to Kinko's. They did not have the card. So I'm fretting a little, will call Kinko's again to see if they found it, and if not, well, I'll have to cancel that card. Sigh.

I've been reading up on this audio file transfer thing and am feeling like I can't quite cope with it yet. I have to figure some things out about my computer and my programs and I just don't have the strength right now.

It isn't a really tough hike, but it was windy, so maybe that added to the draining quality. I have eaten stuff in the house, stuff that is just making me feel more drained, really. I'll take the vitamins I've been time, that'll help.