April 9th, 2004


And then there was Olive You

A dating service called Olive You. I had to join because my daughters and I used to use that term when being affectionate...

Anyway! Today I got an email from someone who just registered there. Here it is in its entirety:

Hello How go you? I am very satisfied with your message.
God thank you for your maid to bring in at you.En what concerns me I
had has small accident of cycle thus for the moment I am sad in see
Because I am to hurt (packing down) one purpose eyebrows above the eye that
has little.
You will have my photo after the holiday ( feast ) of pacques Thank
I count one you to have has good companion of eternity and I trust you.
Thank you bye

I am sure we are compatible, should get along famously, have good conversations.

accessibility clothing?

Today I had lunch at a funky little coffee place that also offers the occasional meal, homemade by the owner. She speaks with an accent that I have not identified, not being really good with accents.

I had lunch there today because two days ago I had a cappuccino there but didn't have the money to pay for it. She said to "bring it in tomorrow". She always says this so I knew she would. Today I figured I'd bring in the three bucks and have lunch too. And go online with my laptop, because she now offers free wireless access.

While I was sitting on the small chair at the tiny round table, trying to get online and, alternately, trying to read a book, the woman next to me started talking to me. I heard about her computer, her children, their progress through Cal Poly, paid for with back-paid child support, her life as a hair stylist, and more. I responded as best I knew how, somewhat taken aback at her taking me as someone to whom one talks.

Then someone I know came in, Sandra. Wearing a sweatshirt. I said she looked relaxed and I asked why. Normally she doesn't look so relaxed. So I heard about her life on the county planning commission and the cases that have come before that commission and how yesterday's meeting went until six at night, or maybe it was later, from 8:30 in the morning, and more...

I could have talked to either of these women for the full lunch hour, I am sure. Most of the time I don't talk to anyone other than the person making coffee drinks for me. I wondered if maybe I was dressed for it?

moody shmoody...

I am feeling little twinges of depression. In times past I might have given in to them, wondered "why me" and "why does it feel like this". I would have feelings of helplessness, like the world was spinning beyond my control.

I don't know what started it this time. I have been getting back to my regular exercise routine and this has felt good. I reminded myself that the change to my mental state was the best reason to exercise and I just talked myself into it one day at a time. I know this works.

I think, though, that when there is an up there is a down. It's a way of slowing the progress, making it more real. Whatever the reason, I am not feeling all that bad.