April 1st, 2004


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I've been added to the friends list of an idiot who calls him or herself stfu_fatty. Normally I don't care who adds me to their friends list. It isn't as if I have to add them back. But this one is so disgusting and stupid. I wondered who it was, looked, and about threw up, which I am sure is the point of the troll's journal.

I was tempted, tempted mind you, to respond to some of its posts, but I didn't!


Today the people in our Conference and Visitors Bureau, an arm of the City, arranged to have a magician entertain us for a half hour, from one to one-thirty. An April Fools thing. They brought cookies, muffins, and lemonade, and several of us came down to the council chamber to take part.

The magician is a friend of the head of the CVB, and he's very good. I am still mystified at how he did what he did, particularly guessing words we had in our heads.

More, though, I felt that funny kind of pride in being part of a "team" that sometimes plays together. City workers, getting together for this silly little thing.

Later, as I was driving to a favored coffee house in Pismo Beach, I felt a bit of that same kind of pride just being, in the way that I am, a part of this community. It's odd that I would feel this way about a city I don't actually live in and about businesses I have had nothing to do with opening or running.

Whenever I work somewhere I "adopt" it. I adopted the downtown when I worked for SLO, I adopted the city of Atascadero and reveled in its little events and markets when I worked there. I even adopted parts of Paso Robles when I worked by the airport there, adopting a bread company in the town, for example, and taking a kind of pride in the catering truck that created coffee drinks for us once a week. I adopted Norfolk on Long Island and "the Village" when I worked in those places. I like to absorb and be a part of wherever I work, and do what I can to be a real part of them.

I think that's one reason I like volunteering for the rec dept events - Easter egg hunt coming soon - and reflecting the enjoyment citizens take in them. I don't really understand this, why it is a kind of pride, but it is.

Too Quiet

This morning I delivered Hoover to Pismo BEach. Met Carolyn outside her vet's office, and went in with her, stayed for the brief exam, told them what I know. Then said goodby to the little munchkin. He was purring on the exam table, and when the vet called Carolyn a couple of hours later he had gone through the surgery fine. I am sure he will be very happy in his new home and I am glad that I was with him at first, so he met Carolyn while I was still there, kind of transitioning him.

But man, I do miss the guy. He has such presence! I am happy he's in his new home, of course, and Stretch, who is lying on my lap right now, is undoubtedly not missing the nuisance cat. It will be good to get back to focusing on this sweetie more of the time.