March 10th, 2004


My own doing

Things were tight for the last couple of days. I knew I was getting a partnership distribution, direct deposit, today, and my paycheck, direct deposit, tomorrow. But I did stupid things anyway.

My sister sent an e-check to paypal for a portable printer for my laptop, but it had not cleared last weekend and yet I wanted that printer. I looked in my paypal account and decided I could buy it ahead of getting the check but would have very little left. So I did. Then Mary and I went in together for a birthday gift for Elaine and discovered that we did not have the option of paying it off in three installments, which I was able to do when I bought the same thing myself. We had to pay it all up front. I looked in my bank account and figured I could get it from there, so I did, after transferring Mary's portion of the gift from paypal to the bank.

I ended up with almost zero in both accounts and actually managed to pay an overdraft charge, which this time I am not disputing even though I may have a case.

So this morning. I needed gas. I did not want to discover just how far my car will go before running out. I went to my reserve of last resort, a ceramic box of change that sits on a living room table. I dumped the money into a plastic bag and went to the gas station.

Fortunately, the pump took my paypal debit card, so that left the bag 'o money for coffee at the convenience store attached. I went in there with my travel cup, filled it with decaf, got to the counter. When I started to pull out three quarters from the bag I discovered that I had brought in my bag o' lunch rather than my bag o' money.

You'd think I make no money, but that isn't so. Yet I have days like this.