March 4th, 2004



I woke with it, but wasn't plagued by it all night. I took Tylenol Migraine first thing and it is ebbing. We'll see.

I think I need to make a list of things I haven't been dealing with and get on them.

sleepy sleepy

I was so sleepy this morning, at work, that I felt like I was going to crash right in my chair. I regained some wakefulness over time but was still sleepy when I headed for Los Osos to see Jill. I had a nice time there, chatting like a maniac about things on my mind, things I was reminded of. Now I am sleepy again. I tried to nap a little but didn't succeed. Not for lack of Stretch trying. He snuggled up to me when I lay down, and later planted himself on my chest when I slumped on the couch. So soft and heavy and comforting.

Now there's dance to get through. I remember feeling sleepy last week too, at this time, and we actually had a pretty good time in the class, learned some things, were awake by the end. Perhaps tonight, again.
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