February 28th, 2004


headache and kitty

I woke with a headache several times last night and finally this morning. I got up, took some tylenol migraine, and it went away. I took tylenol before going to bed last night but it didn't have any effect. As if the headache was saying no, you don't get to sleep.

I feel fine now and don't feel sleepy. I am glad, though, that I don't have to be at work or anywhere else.

I took Hoover to the vet yesterday because his eye infection had returned. The vet said sometimes cats have the upper respiratory infection their whole lives, that they never get over it. She said, though,that some vets have had success with a human antibiotic, even though the infection is viral. So she ordered that antibiotic from a vet lab in Paso Robles. It will be mailed to me. Otherwise, Hoover is in great shape. She thought he was in good enough shape to start vaccinations, so he got his first three. She said the vaccinations sometimes actually help, too, with the upper respiratory infection. I do hope so. This morning I cleaned his eye with saline, as she recommended, and later I am going to go looking for a pill cutter so I can cut up lysine tablets for him. Oh yeah, Hoov gained 1-1/2 pounds since his last visit! He weighs six pounds and is likely not yet six months old. He doesn't look fat, but he has a tummy. I suspect his eating habits come from competing with fifteen other cats in his early days.


It seems like I can't get anywhere online today. Everything loads too slowly or not at all. I don't know where the problem lies but I don't have any patience with it.

I think I'll go to a play tonight, at Cal Poly. I am even thinking I might take myself out to dinner first.