February 3rd, 2004



I went to bed with it - took Tylenol just before - woke a few hours later with it - took some Tylenol PM - woke with it. Not good. I am going for the Excedrin migraine in a few minutes. I hate it when I grab for drugs like this, but I've done worse.

Minor surgery this morning. As I understand it, the dental surgeon will make little collars around posts. I believe he will be adding something to the posts in there now but I'm not sure. Whatever it is will form the foundation for the crowns that will be installed next. Which will be the end of the story!

A draining city council meeting

My item didn't come up until 9:30, then it went down the toilet. It's dead, unless someone resurrects it, which may happen. I don't like to take these things personally but in a way I did, in part because I saw some things I could have approached differently. Could have presented differently, could have offered.