February 2nd, 2004


a hike

It was a small hike but a wondrous one. I drove up highway 1 to a little below Big Sur, took a hike that is within Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park but is accessible directly from the highway. It descends toward the ocean, crosses a wooden bridge, goes through a long tunnel to a cove. Wonderful tunnel, lovely touches of reddish redwood leaves on the ground, beautiful cove with several little caves catching waves. It's a fairyland. Sometimes I feel that California in its many wild places really is a land of little people and mysterious happenings. It always makes me smile when I come upon these coves and copses and other perfect little places.

I left behind several things I could have been doing instead. Washing my car. Working more on the newsletter (I did some good work there earlier, though). Sorting through the clutter. Yet it felt so good, so right, and I felt no guilt. These feelings of exhilaration I get from these drives and hikes are certainly far better than any medication will ever be for depression.

On the way home I stopped to see the seals again. The babies are all over! The sounds so wonderful, moms barking at each other, babies chasing after moms, with their little cries, the occasional male asserting himself.

I always think how lucky I am to be able to do this kind of thing. No amount of money could ever make up for the loss of such opportunity.
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I was figuring on chorale rehearsal tonight, and was thinking about how to fit in some exercise before then. Then the rehearsal was cancelled, sick director, and I ended up coming home and eating. Chips, dip, and a whole avocado. I think I stopped myself in time. But my tummy feels way full. I just did a small set of exercises, weight lifting, and now I feel like I should get out, take a walk. It has been raining but it isn't now, and I like rain.