January 8th, 2004


The skunk

What happened: Brian went out in the field to inspect some new water lines or something like that. The builders were digging, and one encountered a skunk tunnel, and his shovel actually hit the skunk itself. The skunk, understandably angry, immediately took retaliative action. Brian arrived on the scene only moments after - he did not see the skunk but walked right into the spray, which was not visible, of course.

I created a electronic greeting card with Brian's face on a skunk body, and sent it to Brian - said "Thank you" for bringing the outside in... Brian got the card but he said nothing to me about it. I wonder if he didn't realize it was gentle kidding, nothing more.


Back to dance class after an absence of about five weeks - six? At a different place, too. Makes a change. And nice to begin with rumba.

Paul and I plan to do dinner and dance at Madonna Inn Saturday. We'll see. Things change.

Tomorrow the guy comes to fix the bathroom floor.