January 6th, 2004


Things I don't wanna hear

On Saturday a guy came over to look at the bathroom floor. He brought in his level and determined that the floor is 3/4" off level from one side to the other. He checked other parts of the house - also 3/4" off. He said "oh my God!" and "This is unbelievable!"

And when I explained that I know the house isn't worth anything but I just want the toilet to work for another year or two, he came up with a proposal that would do that. And then said "Maybe it will last another year..."

This sort of thing is not encouraging.

Yesterday Elsa was looking through my Joey 2003 calendar. She saw a pic of me and said "You were really skinny then!"

I also don't like hearing that sort of thing.

Car hunt

Elaine is out scouting for a new car. She wants a used Honda Insight. I agree, perfect for her. Now she is looking for a loan. Not easy. It's crazy the way banks operate. They can see that they are covered every which way but still won't approve a loan because of some mysterious thing they call a "credit rating". Anyway, first one denied, but there are others. Worst comes to worst, she can get a loan through a dealer. It will be high interest but she'll have a car.

I so want to see her in an Insight!!