December 29th, 2003


body damage

Yesterday afternoon Elaine and I went on a short hike. No more than two miles total, flat. Beautiful backdrop of the mountains in Red Rock Canyon, of course. I think we got a couple of good pix. We saw a little burro on the way out. A ranger drove up and shooed the little guy back, away from the road. Some people don't realize they should not feed them.

My knees felt fine. Just a little twinge here and there.

The night before, the bowling, I was expecting to be incapacitated because of my right arm mouse injury. Instead, I believe the bowling helped! Worked like weights, and presumably the right kind of movement. My arm still hurts but it felt pretty good after that session. This is really encouraging, partly because I think it would be fun to go bowling more often and partly because I feel I can start using weights again and seeing a difference.

leaving Elaine's

Elaine is gone to work and I have packed my stuff and captured the kitty. He is quiety sitting in the cat carrier, which I hope is how he remains...

Now to Trader Joe's for some eggs and a few other things and then to Mary's, where we will make cookies and I will help Mary with her powerpoint presentation. Then I'll leave.